Incredible mind blowing entertainment that will have you laughing til it hurts!

What is a Hypnosis Show?

This is a form of Entertainment in which volunteers enter Hypnosis and go on a journey into their imaginations and subconscious mind. A mixture of humour and amazement at what the Human Mind is capable of is typical for an audience response to these enthralling demonstrations of Hypnosis.

A typical Hypnosis Show does not contain any therapy, change work or overly focussed on personal growth and change. The goal is Entertainment, Laughter & Fun!

Isaac performs Hypnosis Show's both at Public Events where an audience member can purchase a ticket to attend such as at Festivals, Theatres & Fundraisers.

Isaac's Hypnosis Shows can also be booked in as Entertainment for Private Events such as Corporate Awards Nights, Christmas Parties & other functions in which the client already has a crowd and just needs a professional Entertainer to entertain them.  

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how to experience a stage hypnosis show

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upcoming hypnosis shows

Isaac is often found performing his shows all around Australia and parts of the world. The best resource to check is the Events Page to see what's on. These are ticketed events that anyone can attend from Festivals like Adelaide Fringe Festival to Theatre Shows, community based Football Club Fundraisers or even on board Cruise Ships. 

Corporate hypnosis shows

Isaac's show has been designed with the Corporate Event in mind. It's able to balance the line between everyone in the room having a lot of fun without having to be overly offensive and using crude humour. If you are booking for your next function or awards night Enquire Now and get access to a suite of Marketing Tools, Technical Information and other critical resources to ensure the Entertainment at your next event runs as smooth as possible. 

Private Event Bookings

Entertain your guests with incredible entertainment they'll never forget!

It's often hard to find entertainment that is unique, funny and astonishing all at once, where the stars of the show are your guests!

We often find our clients are in the delightful dilemma of not knowing how to better the event the following year due to the overwhelming positive feedback from Isaac's clean comedy Hypnosis Shows. 

Seeing friends, family or coworkers on stage in hypnosis is one of the best ways to make your event memorable for years to come. 

public hypnosis show faq

How can i get hypnotised at the show?

The best way to become a star of the show and be hypnotised on the night is to open your mind to a new experience. 

Don't have any preconceived expectations as to what this will look like and feel like during the show, just be in the moment and follow Isaac's instructions. Better yet, practice going into hypnosis, spending time in trance is the best way to get better at responding to hypnosis. Before you know it, you'll be under!

will i be forced to come on stage?

No one is ever forced on stage. Isaac works with volunteers only and at any point throughout the show if a volunteer becomes uncomfortable or wants to rejoin the crowd for any reason they just need to say so and Isaac will direct them back to the audience. 

where can i see the show?

Adelaide Fringe Festival is a consistent Event Isaac is apart of and you can find him travelling around Australia and the world plying this incredible state of mind. See the Events Page to get a full list of Upcoming Hypnosis Shows

How Long Is Your Show?

Typically 60 - 75 minutes long for a ticketed show. See specific event details for clarification. 

Is Hypnosis Real?

Yes! Hypnosis is a natural trance state of mind we all go in and out of every day. Just like driving in your car and you zone out and get lost in your imagination, all of a sudden you're at your destination - This is the same natural trance state that I use on stage, but take it much deeper with my wonderful stars on stage to elicit all sorts of hilarious hypnotic phenomena

who is your show suitable for?

Typically this show sits in the PG - M rating category but for the most part it's designed for all. Specialising in Corporate events early in Isaac's career he saw the value in a clean fun show that everyone can enjoy. This helped open his shows open up to broader audiences at festivals as well and ages from 9-90, everyone has fun witnessing this incredible state of mind, without the need to overly humiliate anyone or use crude language. 

Where Are You Located?

I am based in Adelaide, South Australia but I travel anywhere in the world - travel restrictions permitting. I have had the pleasure to go to remote parts of Australia, join Cruise Ships in the Pacific Islands and entertain locals at work functions in my home town. 

What Happens During The Show?

The typical format runs something like this: 

I introduce Hypnosis, what it is and what it isn't. 

I get the entire crowd involved in some fun mind games to spark up this state of mind. 

I choose or call for volunteers to join me on stage. 

These volunteers are hypnotised in front of the entire audience. 

They do silly but fun things on stage which has the entire audience engrossed in their journey. It's hard to look away when you see someone you know experiencing hypnosis. 

I wrap up the show and send the volunteers back to their seats with a few lasting hypnotic suggestions that are fully cleared when they take a sip of their next drink. 

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