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  • Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminar 22/05/2022

Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminar 22/05/2022


Weight Loss Hypnosis Seminar

10:00am Sunday 22nd of May 2022

Osmond Terrace Function Centre

97 The Parade, Norwood, South Australia

Do You Find That You Can’t Help But Automatically Choose The Wrong Unhealthy Foods, Overeat, Eat When You’re Not Really Hungry And Have No Motivation To Exercise And Move Your Body?
Is it finally time to take control your weight and overall health? Many of us feel like our eating habits are not our choice to make any more instead feeling like a spectator to our own downfall as we continue to choose the wrong foods for our bodies, overeat or live a sedentary lifestyle.
Often these actions are small with little consequence until years later suddenly we find ourselves in automatic routines we can’t get out of and the weight is increasing year on year. With the additional weight piles on additional stress as we recognise our freedom to move around the world becomes more and more restricted.
I’m here to tell you that all is not lost and in fact whether you believe this for yourself or not right now – the power to change is within you. Success can begin immediately and results right around the corner. To make changes to your physical reality it’s important to start this change in your mind first.
What Happens On The Day?
In this 2 hour Seminar you will be joined by others with the same goal as you, to lose weight and get control of their health and fitness. We create goals for you to work towards and then get stuck into the processes that will take you to success. Creating the automatic desire to take positive repetitive actions that lead up to your success. The entire group will then go into Hypnosis to communicate directly with their subconscious mind to remove blockers from success and shift their mindset to someone that not only knows how to be healthy but acts healthy automatically each and every day.
Ticket Type

Adult, Group