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My Mission My Why.

For the past 10 years I've been amazed by the rapid change in lives all across Australia and parts of the world as people learn the importance of the Mind Body connection or in my words; The Trance State Of Mind. 

We call it many different things, Visualisation, Flow, The Zone and there are so many ways to access this state of mind but it usually requires a primary focus, creativity & imagination. Methods people use to experience this include Meditation, Reading a Good Book, Exercise, Painting & of course, Hypnosis. 

This incredible state of mind provides us with a break from the bombardment of the modern world and the tools, resources and strength from within to overcome trying times in our lives. It's my mission to share and teach these tools to empower others to reach deeper inside them for the strengths, resources and potential waiting within to be unleashed on the world. 

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