Release The Fear That's Holding You Back

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Having seen hypnotherapy help my dad quit smoking, I knew it was the avenue to take to help with my lifelong fear of balloons. Isaac listened to me with care and without judgment, helped me to understand the fear, and helped to reset my thinking. I went from proper anxiety at the mention of the word 'balloon' to being able to hold and even pop them. I will forever be grateful for this life change. Hypnotherapy really is an amazing experience. Thank you Isaac!

Daniella Di Grazia, Phobia Client

Hypnotherapy For Phobias

A Single Session Protocol

Sessions Available In Office at 380 Payneham Road, Payneham, South Australia or Online via ZOOM


Will It Work For Me?

Make Losing Weight Easy & Painless

This program is designed to help you get control of your uncontrollable fear once and for all. 

Anyone who can learn can be hypnotised – yes, this is the overwhelming majority!

If it can be done in the street with spectators in 7 minutes, it can absolutely be done in the comfort of a closed private office environment. 


What are the Clinical Effects Of Resolving Phobias With Hypnosis?

Backed by evidence based approach

Fear of Flying: The patient’s self-assessed readiness to fly increased significantly over the course of treatment, and she successfully engaged in a “practice flight” toward the end of her treatment.

Volpe, E. G., & Nash, M. R. (2012). The Use of Hypnosis for Airplane Phobia With an Obsessive Character: A Case Study. Clinical Case Studies, 11(2), 89-103. doi:10.1177/1534650112440167



The Process

Understand what happens during this process

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  • This is a single session program which starts with a detailed process of enquiry to get to the root cause of this issue
  • Hypnosis is then explained as well as the mechanism for change that Isaac predominantly uses for rapid transformational change
  • Hypnosis begins with direct instructions given to the subconscious to shift the outcomes it's been producing for the client to experience more freedom in life