Fear release with hypnosis

let go of the phobia that's holding you back from living your life!

ready to release your fear?

About Isaac.

Isaac Lomman is a Keynote Speaker, Results Coach & Entertainer on a mission to help people all over world realise their ultimate potential. 

Utilising the incredible power of the Subconscious Mind, his presentations of Hypnosis are naturally engaging, inspiring and mind blowing at the same time. 

Get ready for impact when you book him for your event or attend a live experience

Along With Using Hypnosis To Entertain & Inspire Tens Of Thousands Of People Across Australia And Internationally, Isaac Also Uses Hypnosis As Part Of A Suite Of Tools To Help Individuals Unlock Their Potential And Thrive. 

Results Coaching Sessions Are Available Online Or At His Office In Payneham, South Australia.

Will It Work For Me?

Anyone who can learn can be hypnotised – yes, this is the overwhelming majority!

Unlike a Stage Show where I am looking for naturally adept individuals who can go into hypnosis quickly and deeply to display some very high level hypnotic phenomena, the great news is that you don’t need to go that deep into hypnosis to get great results for releasing a fear. 

In our time together you will become more familiar with this trance state of mind that aligns your conscious and your subconscious minds so that they are moving towards your goals together. 

Please understand that at no point will your fear stimulus be sprung on you during the session as exposure therapy is not part of this process. 

Imagine what we can accomplish without all of these distractions?

What Happens During My Session?

  1. 1
    We start with a brief strategy discussion on how this has been affecting you, where it may have started from and what success looks like and feels like to you so that your goals are clear. 
  2. 2
    I teach you about hypnosis and what to expect before getting into the formal hypnosis process which establishes communication with your subconscious mind to calm the overprotective part of you that is causing the phobic response. 
  3. 3
    There are great side effects of hypnosis where you will find yourself deeply rested and unwound, leaving the session refreshed and relaxed. 

ready to release your fear?


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