join others in a live event designed to install new subconscious responses to the desire for sleep

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do you find its like there is a part of you that blocks you from sleeping when you want to? do you wake in the middle of the night and find it impossible to get back to sleep?

Is it time to take control of that part of you that overthinks about the day, the things to do and worries about things it shouldn't be worrying about when you're lying safely and comfortably in bed at night trying to sleep?

This seminar is designed to teach new habits to the subconscious mind to recognise as cues for sleeping successfully each night when you choose to.

It deals with the subconscious processes required to communicate with the part of you that's been holding you back from natural sleep at night so you can finally get all of the incredible benefits of sleep back into your life. 

What happens on the day?

In this 1.5 hour Seminar you will be joined by others with the same goal as you, to return to a natural ability to sleep when you choose to and awaken refreshed and energised each morning. You will learn the habits and actions you can take to assist in this process consciously and marry them up with the subconscious reprogramming that happens in the group hypnosis part of the seminar that has all attendees experience hypnosis together and make these changes for better sleep each night. 

Receive FREE Sleep MP3

This takes what we work on during the seminar and makes it available to you to continue using it as long as you need to beyond the event. 

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Know What The Day Looks Like



Doors will be open 15 minutes prior to start time on your ticket. Be sure to come early to scan your ticket with us at the door and get settled and comfortable. We will be starting on time. 


Habits & Sleep Hygiene

We look at the science of the mind and body that can be stacked consciously in your favour to ensure sleep occurs at the right time each night. These habits will be designed into a nightly routine that works for you.


Group Hypnosis Session

This is where we tie everything together with a powerful group hypnosis session where everybody goes into hypnosis to make changes at a subconscious level. 

About Isaac.

Isaac Lomman is a Keynote Speaker, Results Coach & Entertainer on a mission to help people all over world realise their ultimate potential. 

Utilising the incredible power of the Subconscious Mind, his presentations of Hypnosis are naturally engaging, inspiring and mind blowing at the same time. 

Get ready for impact when you book him for your event or attend a live experience

Along With Using Hypnosis To Entertain & Inspire Tens Of Thousands Of People Across Australia And Internationally, Isaac Also Uses Hypnosis As Part Of A Suite Of Tools To Help Individuals Unlock Their Potential And Thrive. 

Results Coaching Sessions Are Available Online Or At His Office In Payneham, South Australia.

Can you accept positive change in your life?

It has been my absolute joy to see individuals connect with this part of their minds that frees them from Limiting Beliefs that have been holding them back in their lives. To know there is a natural option within all of us to connect to and make the changes we want to see in our lives that have eluded us through Willpower & over medicating to get to sleep each night. The changes I want to see in your life are permanent lifestyle shifts that see you consistently make the right choices, the little choices, the add up to that perfect vision for success in your life. What I want for you is ultimately Freedom. Freedom to sleep when you want to sleep. To repair the relationship with the subconscious mind and return to the natural blueprint of health we we're all born with and accept the positive outcomes that sleep can bring into our lives.  

Isaac Lomman

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Do Silly Things Like I See On TV?

No. We leave the Stage Hypnosis and Comedy for those specific events and in this Seminar we have a specific focus on your health and desire to lose weight. 

Do You Do 1 on 1 Sessions 

Yes I do. If coming to a group session is daunting, I'd be happy to work with you 1 on 1 at my office in Payneham, South Australia or via Zoom we can do sessions Online. 

Is Hypnosis Real?

Absolutely! It's a natural trance state of mind we drift in and out of that is a pleasant state of focussed imagination. 

Can I Be Hypnotised? 

Even if you don't think you can be, you can. As stated above hypnosis is just another word for this natural trance state of mind we all go in and out of every day.

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