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ADELAIDE FRINGE 2024 With Australia's Stage Hypnotist

Back again at GLUTTONY for another epic Adelaide Fringe season - Isaac's 11th Season to date!

Bringing his unique brand of Stage Hypnosis that combines the mystery of this incredible art, with fits of hilarious chaos as you join the journey of the volunteers on stage and see their incredible imaginations at work. 

This is a VERY limited season with only 8 Shows from February 24th at St Joseph's School in Clare and Feb 27th - March 3rd, like previous years this will SELL OUT. 

This is a must see Fringe favourite as volunteers are hypnotised before your eyes & taken on an unforgettably hilarious journey into their imaginations.

Family Friendly Show – From 9-90 and from all walks of life, Isaac’s show is clean fun for all to enjoy.
Volunteers Only – Get involved or watch from the crowd, it’s always your choice.
Modern Hypnosis – Gone are the days of spilling secrets on stage, chicken dancing and people waking up naked. This show focusses on the power of the subjects minds and does away with those old stereotypes of hypnotism you see in Hollywood.

Be sure to grab your tickets and get ready to SEE The Show or BE The Show!


Stage Hypnotist & Keynote Speaker

  • The Show

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  • The Trance

The Show

HYPNOTIC at Adelaide Fringe 2024 back again in your favourite Fringe Hub: GLUTTONY!

You can expect laughter. You can expect amazement. You can expect an experience that you will never forget!

Here’s why: the show is 100% audience participation. That means volunteers from the audience become the stars of the show. As their friends, family and the rest of the audience wait with baited breath to see what twists and turns await them on stage, you can be sure of a fully immersive entertainment experience for all.


We know! The idea of a Comedy Hypnosis show may be new and somewhat strange to you and you’re probably asking yourself how this is going to even work? Hypnosis has been used for Entertainment for centuries and we’ll cover off a few of our most commonly asked questions here:

  • Q. Is this Hypnotherapy?
    A. Absolutely not. This is purely for entertainment purposes only.
  • Q. Do you force people on stage?
    A. Absolutely not. Isaac asks for volunteers to join him on stage.
  • Q. Is it real hypnosis?
    A. Indeed it is. Hypnosis is a natural trance state of mind.


Gluttony is on the corner of Rundle Street & East Terrace, across the road from The Stag Hotel and The Garden Of Unearthly Delights. It is the biggest hub of Show Venues, Eateries and Dessert Bars fro Adelaide Fringe 2021. Come down for the atmosphere, stay for a show. 


8 Shows Only For Adelaide Fringe 2024


  • Saturday Feburary 24th
  • Tuesday February 27th
  • Wednesday February 28th
  • Thursday February 29th
  • Friday March 1st
  • Saturday March 2nd
  • Sunday March 3rd


Most shows in Gluttony are at 8:15pm. As this is General Admission the closer you are to the front of the line, the better the seats you get closer to the front of the stage. It is recommended to get to The Flamingo within Gluttony at 7:45PM. We have additional Matinee Show on Saturday 2nd of March at 4:15PM. 

The show in Clare starts at 7PM. We recommend arriving 30 minutes prior to get a drink and get settled in. 


For many guests at the show they don't want to just SEE the show, they want to BE the show! No one is pre selected, planted or paid to come on stage to be a part of this show. Isaac will invite audience members to the stage and is particularly looking for individuals who are having a highly Hypnotic response in the room. 
If you don't make it on stage or you are invited to rejoin the audience it doesn't mean you can't ever be hypnotised it just means you may have had something else on your mind. 
The best advice we can give to have success getting on and staying on stage is to allow yourself to go with the full experience, tap into your imagination, recognise you will still have some awareness of your surroundings but will get to enjoy a very pleasant trance state that feels incredible and frees your creative confidence. 



" The magnetic presence of Isaac Lomman made itself felt from the outset."

Tony Polese




" His new show at Gluttony - Adelaide Fringe is first class. 5 Stars from me. Again."

Colin James

The Advertiser



" With the ability to implant multiple compulsions Lomman will have each person on stage doing something absurd with one action triggering the another, he can craft a sequence of events on the fly."

Jonathon Tonkin

Weekend Notes

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