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About Isaac.

Isaac Lomman is a Keynote Speaker, Results Coach & Entertainer on a mission to help people all over world realise their ultimate potential. 

Utilising the incredible power of the Subconscious Mind, his presentations of Hypnosis are naturally engaging, inspiring and mind blowing at the same time. 

Get ready for impact when you book him for your event or attend a live experience

Along with using hypnosis to entertain & inspire tens of thousands of people across australia and internationally, isaac also uses hypnosis as part of a suite of tools to help individuals unlock their potential and thrive. 

sessions are available online or at his office in payneham, south australia. 


How I can help you with STRATEgic results coaching

Work with Isaac 1 on 1 to make positive changes in your life. Office hours are from 9:30 – 6PM Adelaide Time by appointment only. Sessions can be done Face to Face or Online via Zoom.


Let's get focussed. Focussed on you! What do you want and need for your personal success? Health & Mindset habits, aligning every part of you on your purpose and vision for life, letting go of emotional baggage that's been holding you back and more...


Wanting to break through in your personal relationships? Improve your communication with others and look for new ways to improve your connection with the people you care for. 


Do you have the skills, the experience and the knowledge to take your business to the next level, but find yourself spinning your wheels and not going anywhere? Is it hard to put your finger on what exactly is holding you back? Get unstuck from Limiting Beliefs as you program your subconscious mind for success. 


  • Eliminating Mental Barriers
  • Overcoming that big loss
  • Breaking Through Stuck States
  • Mental Rehearsal
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Deactivating and Reducing Negative Emotions
  • Improved Concentration
  • Client Feedback

    Sharnee Bennett

    Results Coaching Client

    Isaac helped me profoundly change my life in the following areas:
    1. Reset my mindset in relation to food, emotional eating and a healthy lifestyle leading to losing weight and dropping dress sizes.
    2. Helped me learn to focus on my own goals in life & business rather than living through other people’s goals & agenda’s
    3. Helped me quadruple the monthly revenue for my business and set record high’s for my business income.
    In short, Isaac helped me learn how to improve my self love & self image at the deepest levels and this led to a significant quantum leap in my performance & results. I will be forever grateful for Isaac and his contribution to me. If you are considering getting help for some great change in your life, whether it be losing weight, quitting smoking, or changing some of the deepest parts of yourself to align with WHO you truly are and who you want to BECOME then DO IT. Don’t hesitate. Isaac will help you tap into a greater power that you didn’t even know you had. Wishing you all the strength & courage to make great change in your life, Sharnee xx


    Office Address is Suite 5, 380 Payneham Road, Payneham, South Australia

    Online Sessions Are Conducted Via ZOOM


    10 session package

    Ready For A Breakthrough?

    • 2,200

    ($220/Session - Best Value Per Session!)

    • 10 x 50 - 90 Minute Sessions
    • Great for individuals looking at all areas of their life: Health, Relationships, Wealth
    • Personalised sessions for your goals
    • Available Online through ZOOM or in person at my office located Suite 5, 380 Payneham Road, Payneham, South Australia , 5070, Australia  

    Still Have Questions?

    Book a FREE Strategy Session On Zoom To Meet and Discuss Your Goals Prior To Working Together

    Still Have Questions?

    Book a FREE Strategy Session On Zoom To Meet and Discuss Your Goals Prior To Working Together