January 30

Stage Hypnotist: A Mesmerising World


What is a Stage Hypnotist? Read on to learn more..

Hypnotism has been a source of fascination for centuries, and stage hypnotists have brought this art form to the forefront of entertainment. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at what makes stage hypnotists so special and what audiences can expect from a performance by one of these talented performers.


  1. What is a stage hypnotist? A stage hypnotist is a performer who uses hypnosis to create dynamic and interactive shows that leave audiences in stitches. They put volunteers from the audience into a trance and control their actions and thoughts, turning them into characters in their comedic routine.
  2. How does a stage hypnotist create their shows? A Stage Hypnotist uses a combination of techniques to create their shows, including suggestion, visualisation, and other elements of hypnosis. They also use music, lighting, and other sensory cues to help put their volunteers into a trance and control their actions.
  3. Who are some popular stage hypnotists? There are many talented stage hypnotists on the scene today, but some of the most popular include Richard Barker, Marc Savard, Terry Stokes, and Isaac Lomman. Each of these performers has their own unique style and approach to the art of stage hypnotism, but they all create unforgettable shows that leave audiences laughing and amazed.

In conclusion, the world of a stage hypnotist is a fascinating and entertaining one. These performers use hypnosis to create dynamic and interactive shows that not only have audiences laughing til it hurts but opens their minds to human possibilities. Learn more about booking a stage hypnotist for your upcoming corporate function or staff party here.


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